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Have You Experienced Partner Yoga?

Partner yoga has been a popular trend in yoga and like most of yoga, can be many different things depending on the class and the teacher. For most of us partner poses in a regular yoga class can be quite intimidating, always wondering who you will be paired up with and whether you can trust a class mate if you don’t know them. Partner yoga with your mate or partner is a completely different matter. Doing yoga with someone you know and love is a great way to stay motivated and interested and is really fun. It is a positive way to introduce yoga to someone you care about, especially if that person has fears of taking a beginners class on their own. It is also a great way for the experienced practitioner to go deeper into the poses.

In the partner yoga workshop, basic standing poses are explored, with partners’ backs toward one another and some facing each other. The partners’ bodies support each other and holding of hands allows each person to reach their own individual stretch in the pose. Basic twists and balancing poses are done together as well. Working together you are able to reassure and correct alignment in the poses and to really go deeper into the stretch. It requires listening and watching the other person so you know their limits and their needs. It is a fabulous way to connect to your partner and allows each person to relax to their deepest level.

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