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Inspirational Member of the Month: Jocelyne Scott




When the going gets tough, this gal gets going! One of the greatest gifts we get to experience daily at the Club is being surrounded by a variety of people all striving for health, no matter what age or stage in life. If you are here at the same time every day, you start to see the same people and familiar faces; however, unless you take the time to have a conversation with them, you may never know their journey or what they may be experiencing.

Jocelyne Scott has been a member since 2012 and since the beginning she has fit right into our SAC family. Jocelyne has always stood out for her dedication, hard-working, consistent, positive and caring personality. On the surface, we see a woman dedicated to her health, a mother of growing twin boys, and a wife of a supportive husband all attending the Club as a family unit because, honestly, that’s just what you do!  For Jocelyne exercise is her happy place; it keeps her sane and grounded. Her dedication to her health and awesome family alone was enough for us to look at her with admiration. Somehow though, our admiration had room for growth. In March of this year Jocelyne was diagnosed with breast cancer. At first treatment seemed fairly straightforward, but as the path to healing grew, she found herself deeper into the process than one would ever think for themselves. Understandably a situation like this has a way of doing that; traveling through life as one does, you deal with whatever hiccups present themselves and handle it as necessary even though it’s not the story that was initially envisioned.

There is much more to Jocelyne’s story however; she met her husband in chemistry class in high school. Yes, high school! Jocelyne was a runner and shot-putter back then. After getting out of shape during college, she began lifting weights and running again and this reignited her hardcore passion for exercise (she loves to make up exercises to do on the bosu!). From there, Jocelyne got pregnant with twins. Yes, twins! She was able to exercise for four months, but was then put on bed rest for two months after which she had the twins early and kept them in the hospital for another two months. For the past 14 years she has raised her boys, worked with her family managing properties and learned to fix just about anything, all the while still taking time to make it to her happy place, the gym. After years of taking care of everyone else, Jocelyne decided it was time for her to give herself some love. She needed to have some dental work done, but her blood pressure was a bit too high for her dentist’s comfort so he sent her in for a physical. All routine stuff, they learned she had never had a mammogram so of course in she goes. Nothing too concerning, but they found a small spot and figured an ultrasound wouldn’t hurt. An ultrasound then MRI revealed that she did in fact have cancer. What began as a simple visit to the dentist for Jocelyne turned into a life changing experience. She is now finished with her second cycle of chemo and on to six weeks of radiation. The most admirable part of Jocelyne’s story is how none of her experiences have hindered her focus on staying healthy. Yes there are days that she just can’t do it, but more often than not Jocelyn is coming to the Club to ride the bike, lift weights or take a class. Through all of this, she still has that same dedicated, hard-working, consistent, positive and caring personality. Her story is a reminder of how truly awesome and strong a person can be when life throws a lemon. Jocelyne has inspiration screaming from her pores whether she knows it or not. Thank you for being someone so admirable!

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  1. Patricia Hall's Gravatar Patricia Hall
    October 1, 2016 at 7:21 am | Permalink

    A simple “WOW!” doesn’t begin to cover it. Jocelyne is one impressive lady. Just the twins alone would leave me flat out exhausted. Courage with grace.

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