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Get Fit and Slim Fast: LIFT SOME WEIGHT!

I often hear from female clients and female members that they don’t like to lift weights, especially heavy weights because they don’t want to bulk up. I know I’ve written about this topic at least twice before. Maybe the third times the charm. The illusion of bulking up is just that. If you really were […]


Heave and Ho – What are Sandbags Doing in the Gym?

Sandbags, what and why is this in the gym and not at a construction site? Sandbags (which are literally just bags filled with sand) are an old school tool that are getting a lot of new publicity as of lately. You see them being used by NFL players, by UFC fighters, by that guy at […]


Post Exercise Fueling

Just finished a hard training session with Captain “I said 10 more!” and now you are dog tired and hungry as a wolf. What do you re-fuel your body with, there are so many choices! The best thing to do is pick food higher in protein and fat and lower in carbohydrates and sugars especially. […]


Proper Posture During Cardio

Have you ever seen (or maybe you’ve done it yourself) the people on the big revolving stairs called the Step Mill, hunched over, hugging the machine for dear life, and letting their buns hang out way behind them? Have you ever seen the people on the little step machine called the Stair Stepper with their […]


Choosing the Right Exercise

Before you start any sport or exercise program there are a couple of questions you should be able to answer: 1. What are your goals? This will determine the kind of workouts you will want to do. 2. What do you feel confident doing? How much experience and knowledge do you have/need? 3. What do […]

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