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2016 Lose it! Winner Member Highlight

“Exercise is not my favorite thing. I have been a long time member but an infrequent visitor to the gym. I became a regular visitor when I realized that in order to keep up with 3 kids and feel confident I could do any activity with them, I needed to get stronger and in better […]


Have you tried speed bag/Heavy bag training?

Have you had a chance to use the boxing equipment and trainers at the Seattle Athletic Club? The training is interactive and great calorie burner. The format of martial arts is to teach you proper technique, timing, coordination, endurance/stamina drills. The calorie expenditure is awesome, if you weigh 125 and did 1 hour of speed […]


Boost Your Endurance Training Program

One of the most popular modes of exercise inside and outside of the gym is endurance training. Whether you enjoy running, rowing, stair-stepping or any other endurance training machine available in the SAC, chances are your training program could use a boost. Varying your endurance training program not only breaks up the monotony of working […]


How Much Kick is Enough?

I want you all to take a moment to think about your freestyle stroke. Are you overpowering with your arms? Are you using mostly your kick for the power? Or are you somewhere in between?   What I see a lot of is swimmers either not using their kick at all or predominantly using their […]


The QuadMill: The Eccentric Machine for Eccentric Movement

 by Personal Trainer, Joey Cole Fellow ski bums and bunnies, the winter months are just around the corner! This is a great time to start preparing your bodies for the rigors that the slopes will be dishing your way. Skiing and Snowboarding are unique sports when compared to summer sports. The key difference is what […]


Are you training in the right heart rate zone?

Exercise intensity is a critical component of effective training programs. To reach your goals and actually see results, you must start thinking about what it takes. Luckily this isn’t as hard as you may think. Many times people overlook the basics of training and end up wasting time in the gym, but focusing in on […]


Introduction into Cardio-Interval Training

In the fitness and health industry trends come and go, styles change and the latest research reveals the next big thing that will change the game completely. Athletes have used cardio-interval training (CIT) for years to build endurance, strength and speed; now, cardio interval training will help you lose weight faster. Research is showing that […]


Don’t Stop; KEEP MOVING!

When exercising, rest doesn’t always have to mean stop. Rest can be interpreted in many different forms. Instead of resting, move on to another exercise, work a different body part, do dynamic stretching, a low intensity functional exercise or even a short bout of cardio. The more we utilize other methods of resting besides stopping, […]


Pacing Your Spinning Workout

Every club has its group of committed spin fanatics. The people that show up to class without fail expecting a vigorous, non-stop, 55-minute workout. These spin enthusiasts recognize the value of hard work and the benefits gained from it, which is what keeps them coming back for more. Despite the many health improvements associated with […]


Is the Treadmill Taking Advantage of You?

Many people love to hold on to the treadmill while running or walking, and it is common to see a gym-goer clinging on for dear life when the treadmill is revolving at top speed! But what is this really doing for you and your progress? The answer is “not a lot.” In fact, it increases […]

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