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Inspirational Member of the Month: Jocelyne Scott

    When the going gets tough, this gal gets going! One of the greatest gifts we get to experience daily at the Club is being surrounded by a variety of people all striving for health, no matter what age or stage in life. If you are here at the same time every day, you […]


Inspirational Member of the Month: Tony Grega

  Tony joined Seattle Athletic Club in the early 1980’s while in college. While exploring options, he found that there were not many full service fitness clubs in the area with comparable facilities. He had originally joined for the lunch time and evening pick-up basketball program and weights. After moving to Japan and Los Angeles, […]


Inspirational Member of the Month: Sowell-Kerr Family

The Sowell/Kerr family is the epitome of the Seattle Athletic Club family. Pam and Tim Sowell are charter members of the Club, and joined when it was first being built in 1980. Their daughter, Sara Kerr, was one of the first kids in Kid’s Court. Sara has been a dedicated member ever since. Pam and […]


Inspirational Member of the Month: Abdul-Sattar Ferguson Family

  I have had the pleasure of knowing the Abdul-Sattar Ferguson family for many years. I have watched their three kids Amin, Azzi, and Aida practically grow up at the Club. Amin is the spunky energetic one. Azzi is the quieter, more passive one. And Aida is the sweet, soft-spoken, sensitive one of the bunch. […]


Inspirational Member of the Month: Brad Lancaster

  We are happy to announce that Brad Lancaster is our Inspirational Member of the Month! Here’s a little bit about Brad’s life and what being a SAC member means to him: “I love SAC. The fully-equipped facility does what I need. But more important to me, the members and staff are friendly and accessible. […]


Inspirational Member of the Month: Bridget Howard

  Bridget is very upbeat, positive, and a huge inspiration to Seattle Athletic Club members and staff. She and her family have been longtime members and Bridget has been coming to the Club since she was just a young girl. Now, a sophomore in high school, Bridget is very active in a lot of what […]


Inspirational Member of the Month: David Kendall

  Dave joined the Seattle Athletic Club about 15 years ago, working out at the Downtown, Bellevue and Northgate Clubs. Now, he spends most of his time at Northgate with his family either in the pool, on the bike or on the squash court. He is currently the leader in the Swim to Mt. Rainier […]


Inspirational Member of the Month: Rose Kwok

Rose Kwok joined the Seattle Athletic Club family in May of 2015, specifically for the water aerobics and swimming programs. Two and a half years ago, Rose successfully underwent a double knee replacement surgery and currently battles arthritis daily. Given that swimming is the best form of exercise for her, at the age of 61, […]


Inspirational Member(s) of the Month: Dave, Donna, Stella Mae & Sawyer Hill

  The Hill family are our inspirational members of the month. The Hill family are fun, friendly, and active members of the SAC with lots of Southern charm! They are happy, always positive and willing to try just about anything. Their unity as a family and basic outlook on life is positive and they have […]


Inspirational Member of the Month: Kaylene McDonald

From the start, Kaylene has been a little ray of sunshine! Since joining in April, Kaylene has been a common face around the Seattle Athletic Club working out twice a day for a fitness competition. On top of preparing for the fitness competition, she is also enrolled in Pima for Dental Hygiene. Kaylene is always a pleasure to […]

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