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What it Takes to Obtain a Goal. Three perspectives on the journey of our 2014 winner of Lose It.

We are entering the Holiday season and as a club, we are gearing up for our annual weight loss challenge, Lose It to begin in January 2015. It might seem cliché to set the goal of losing weight at the beginning of the year or set those new year resolutions. Who cares! January is a […]


SACNG Welcomes You!

Surrender yourself to the opportunities that surround you and enjoy the multitude of benefits that follow.   Summer has come to an end, it is time to reintroduce yourself to the Club and what we have to offer. As we anticipate the fall with all the change the season brings, we find ourselves excited for […]


Wellness Corner with Dr. Li

A Personal History I first encountered the world of chiropractic care in the same way many of you did: I was in pain, and I needed help. I first started to have low back pain when I was 15 and I woke up one morning unable to feel my legs. I was living with my […]


Do you have all of the pieces of the fitness puzzle?

There are many sports that involve lifting heavy things. Powerlifting, strongman competitions, the highland games, and the shot-put are all sports involving heavy weights and objects. The sport of Weightlifting is the only sport done with a barbell that is performed at the Olympics. Olympic weightlifting (or oly for short) involves two events, the clean […]


Have You Experienced Partner Yoga?

Partner yoga has been a popular trend in yoga and like most of yoga, can be many different things depending on the class and the teacher. For most of us partner poses in a regular yoga class can be quite intimidating, always wondering who you will be paired up with and whether you can trust […]


Stress, Hormones and It’s Effects

Beginning our day with a calm relaxed mind has many advantages as we all know. But in order to see these advantages we need to understand the drawbacks and workings of a non-calmed mind. In essence, a non calmed mind is a stressed mind. Stressors happen daily, whether it is subconscious or conscious and the […]


Debunking Pilates Myths

It’s expensive A one-on-one session is a great way to start your Pilates training, but when you learn your routine, you can work out with a partner or small group to cut costs. It’s only for women Joseph Pilates was a man, and he created a system of exercise meant for every body, male or […]


What is the Healthy Steps Program?

Healthy Steps with The Lebed Method is a not just an exercise program, it is a celebration with pizzaz. Participants progress toward better health while having the best time imaginable. Fun, easy to follow steps coordinated with great music allow class members to work within their personal parameters, and have fun while striving for wellness. […]


Overcoming Exercise Plateaus

Are you one of those people who keep doing the same exact workout that you have always done and wonder why you’re not seeing the results you want to see? Well, you’re not alone. I find that most people will stay with the same workout week after week, month after month and even year after […]


Exercising Tips While Traveling

Summer is here! The kids are out of school, there are camping trips to be had and traveling to be done. So how do we maintain all the hard work we have put into our bodies and exercise routines while we are on the road? Sounds a bit challenging, yes, but not impossible. All you […]

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