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Pilates Move of the Month: “Hip Rolls”

          Why? Strengthen the gluteal muscles and hamstrings while maintaining a neutral pelvis in motion. Reformer Setup: Start with 2-3 full springs, the footbar in the high position and the headrest flat. Start Position: Lie on your back on the carriage with the heels on the footbar sit bone distance apart.   Movement:  […]


Pilates Move of the Month: Celebrate ‘Planks-giving’ with Long Stretch

Why? Strengthening the abdominals and challenging stability on a moving carriage.   Reformer Setup: Start with two medium springs depending on the amount of resistance desired. The lighter the spring tension, the more the exercise will challenge the abdominals. The footbar is up and the headrest is up.   Start Position: Place both hands on […]


Pilates Move of the Month: Mermaid

The Mermaid side stretch lengthens and opens the side body. It has an inner flow to it — a dynamic between breath, stretch, ground, and skyward reach that makes it special. Use mermaid as a gentle warm up or as more intense stretch later in your routine. Keeping the sit bones grounded as the arm […]

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