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Seattle Bicycle Laws & Regulations: What You Need to Know

This upcoming Friday, May 15th is Bike to Work Day in Seattle! We encourage everyone to participate in this fun event which promotes a healthy active lifestyle. With over 240 miles of bike trails surrounding the emerald city, we live in a great place to commute in an eco friendly and healthy way. In fact, […]


Importance of Shoulder Roll

Swimming ability at the SAC is at quite a reasonable standard however with a few minor adjustments and basic tips you can improve your technique, endurance and timing drastically. Today I will focus upon freestyle technique and how with a simple change you can improve not only your technique but also your personal well-being while […]


Learn to Swim Better by Learning to Share a Lane

Those of you who swim regularly are surely noticing that there are a lot more swimmers using the pool than ever before. Guess what, THAT’S A GOOD THING! Swimming is a great way to exercise and is such an important skill to have, especially here in the Puget Sound area. Although more swimmers mean more […]


Streamline Your Starts & Turns

Anytime you are swimming the most effective start and turn requires your body to be in streamline position. What does streamline mean? Anytime you begin from a dive start or pushing off the wall, when your body is completely submerged, your body needs to be as tight as possible. This requires your arms to be […]


Reflecting on a Great Run… and What to do Next?

First off, congratulations to everyone that participated in the Rock ‘n’ Roll half and full marathon! There was so much excitement, dedication and training leading up to this event. It seems like I knew more people running this year than in years past. Running the half or full for the first time, in honor of […]


Tips to a Super Swimming Leg of a Triathlon

Summer is finally here and let the triathlon season begin! The aquatics department at the Seattle Athletic Club Northgate wants to give you a few tips to help improve your experience and hopefully to improve your times. Decide whether to compete or complete: To race or finish with a smile. Strategic starting positions: Start in […]


Primary and Secondary Goals Building Momentum with Secondary Goals

Fitness is a habit. Healthy eating is a habit. Exercise is a habit. For many of us, creating healthy habits that stick is difficult. And often, even after we’ve created good habits, life happens and we get derailed. How can we create solid habits that are “bomb proof?” I believe that for many people who […]


Triathlon: Swim ∙ Bike ∙ Run

For some, just the thought of doing any one or more of these specific disciplines causes a fear response. I raced in my first sprint triathlon about nine years ago. For me, swimming was my achilles heel (think barge!) and a close second was running! I could swim to save my life, but that’s about […]


FAT LOSS: Metabolism and Nutrition

We all know that to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than the ones we burn, or burn more than the ones we consume. How much of a caloric deficit should we create? This is where it gets “tricky”. Too many calories, too soon, could be disastrous. Especially when exercising is something we […]


Cardio-Respiratory Training: Why and How Do I Get Started?

Cardio-respiratory exercising is very important to promote overall health and achieve high levels of wellness. Among the benefits, we can consider the following: • Cardio-respiratory exercises improve our capacity of burning fat as energy. • By working the heart muscle, we can enlarge it, increasing the capacity of pumping blood with each stroke to working […]

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