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Befriending Stress

How do you manage the stress of modern everyday life? Many of us muddle through, coping as best we can. Sometimes we fight against it, or work to fix it. Sometimes we just ignore it or repress it, hoping to avoid possible discomfort. We have all heard throughout our lives how stress negatively affects our […]


Is the Treadmill Taking Advantage of You?

Many people love to hold on to the treadmill while running or walking, and it is common to see a gym-goer clinging on for dear life when the treadmill is revolving at top speed! But what is this really doing for you and your progress? The answer is “not a lot.” In fact, it increases […]


Children and Swim Lessons

Learning to be comfortable with new challenges can be stressful, but for kids that can be especially true. Learning to swim is no different. Being in water is an enjoyable experience for those already used to it, but for those just starting out, it takes a certain amount of trust that all is O.K. Cold […]


Overcoming the Exercise Plateau Effect

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”-Albert Einstein. Although not intended, Einstein’s famous statement closely relates to exercise. Think of the people who have been going to the gym every day for years. They show up like clockwork. They have been on the same cardio machines, lifting the same […]


Trick or Treating is for Our Kids Right?!

During the Halloween season we either have our own kids to take trick or treating or will have kids knocking at our doors dressed is scary costumes. This usually means our kids coming home with pillow cases full of candy and/or stocking up on candy to hand out to the cute little goblins. Inevitably this […]


Squash, Integrity, and Sportsmanship

Squash is most often played without the benefit of a referee. As a result, players are required to call their own carries, double hits, not ups, outs, downs, etc., and make the calls in a timely manner, not after their opponent has “busted a gut” attempting to retrieve a ball that is not really in […]


Swimming – Where’s Your Head?

Like all physical movement, where your head goes, so does your body. In swimming, the position of your head is paramount. To maintain the all important “streamline” position, means to always be in-line with your body. Any deviation creates “drag,” which slows you down and makes you work harder. To establish the level body position, […]


Stress, Hormones and It’s Effects

Beginning our day with a calm relaxed mind has many advantages as we all know. But in order to see these advantages we need to understand the drawbacks and workings of a non-calmed mind. In essence, a non calmed mind is a stressed mind. Stressors happen daily, whether it is subconscious or conscious and the […]


Training to be the Perfect Athlete

When the word “athletic” comes to mind I envision an individual who is competent in all aspects of fitness (strength, flexibility, endurance, agility and coordination). Though excelling at all of these is a rare and difficult task, being competent in each of them builds an amazing foundation for a healthy and active life. On the […]


Swimming: How is Your Side Breathing Technique?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in swimming is learning how to side breathe correctly. Many swimmers have a fear of drowning, but once they overcome that fear, they can work on relaxation, buoyancy, and increasing their distance. Proper side breathing technique is when there is a turning of the body or rotation on it’s […]

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