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  • I have worked with Jason Anderson twice a week for over a year. When I began with Jason, I had significant back and leg pain. I could not move without pain. Although I was seeing a physician and physical therapist, I worried I was deteriorating further because of forced inactivity. In all honesty, I had little hope that I would ever get better. I needed someone who had the skills to help me resume my activity but not harm myself further.

    The trainers I had worked with in the club, prior to my injury, referred me to Jason. They thought his special expertise would be of help. They were right! Jason’s knowledge of kinesiology and physiology enables him to identify small but important steps on the road to recovery. He understood the nature of my injury and developed a plan of exercise that maximized my ability without risking additional harm. He even took extra time to speak with my physical therapist to insure we were all on the same page. Jason has, what seems to me, a fountain of knowledge and patience in answering all my questions (and believe me, I always have many). He keeps our work sessions fun and challenging and safe.

    Jason’s reliability and commitment inspires me. I know he will always be there when we have an appointment. I know he will inquire about my health if I miss an appointment. To say he goes above and beyond sounds trite but it is true. There are many examples of this. I will provide you with one. Recently, I had a series of business trips where I would be staying in various hotels and uncertain about what health facilities they would have. I also didn’t want the progress I have in the club to be lost. Without being asked, Jason wrote out a series of exercises I could do in my room without any equipment. He spent time with me during my training session, prior to my leaving, to insure I knew what to do. He even emailed me while I was gone to ask how it was going! How could you not be inspired?

    I have been fortunate at the SAC to work with a number of well qualified and excellent trainers. Each brings their own skills and talents to their work. Jason has an amazing ability to understand what someone can do to strengthen and rehabilitate an injury and then move on to “normal” and become stronger and healthier. He circles around me when I work and I have no doubt that physically, intellectually, and emotionally, he has my back.

    It seems as though each year, as I age, my body gives me a new challenge. I am determined to stay strong and healthy to the best of my ability. Jason is a true partner in that determination. When I am tempted to give up, he motivates me; when I push too far and endanger myself, he pulls me back; he constantly searches for new things to keep me interested and committed in exercising every day. He is truly a partner in my health and I am thankful to have him to work with.

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