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  • Jason Anderson has been my trainer for five years. I would have not stayed with him that long if he wasn't an awesome trainer. Jason is a true professional in what he does. His many years of experience, including some in the field of physical therapy, make me as his client feel very safe. I trust him completely with everything he wants me to do in the gym.

    The workouts Jason creates for me totally changed my body. I gained muscle and lost fat, my body started to look - and become - more toned and firm. I could see results and that inspired me to keep on training.

    Jason changed the way I am thinking about exercise. I learned a lot from him over the years: about my body, about the way muscles work, how important building strength and endurance are in addition to coordination and balance. Jason's workout sessions are well planned and creative, never boring or repetitive, not even after 5 years. He is demanding in a subtle way, pushes me harder than I would ever push myself, never looses his patience (yes, I can get cranky...), he is always supportive. Jason constantly motivates me to do better and designs exercises that I find challenging. I would call his training style "intuitive" in a way that can come only through experience and knowledge.

    Working with a trainer is a time and financial commitment. Jason Anderson is more than worth it.

    Maria Biel
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