Yoga Class Descriptions


For those new to yoga, these classes focus on the fundamentals of relaxed breathing, mental focus and basic alignment in core asanas so that you can progress safely in your yoga over time. This is a great place to learn the fundamentals of yoga practice.


Gentle Yoga is designed for students with a variety of needs who are looking for a safe place to experience the multiple benefits of yoga. These benefits would include increased flexibility, greater sense of balance, moderate strengthening, and the ability to be present in themselves in the breath to achieve the optimum degree of healing in each experience whether in a yoga class or in the world. The class is lead at a rate that suits those who may need extra time or assistance in moving in and out of the poses. Postures can be adapted for a variety of health conditions.


For experienced practitioners and those who have had a consistent grounding in basic yoga, these classes include more advanced sequencing, pace and subtle alignment cues. Requires an understanding of your own limits, knowledge of how to use props and a willingness to explore your edges in more advanced postures such as inversions and backbends.


For those with at least 3 mos. consistent practice in basic yoga and seasoned practitioners alike, these classes include variations for all to find the right amount of stretch and stability within the postures in a mixed-level environment.


Principles of Pilates, yoga & dance. Strengthen and lengthen your body with focused awareness of working form your center! Prepare to work standing, on all 4’s, side lying, prone, and supine as we engage in this total body workout. We will focus on stretching our belly through our limbs as we work to tone and strengthen our body from our center out!


This style of asana is done on the floor and includes long holds in poses to support the mobility of the joints and connective tissue. The long holds allow for a more meditative awareness to develop and a more restorative experience overall. Challenging in its own way, this class is okay for beginners with no major injuries and a willingness to explore their edges with assistance.


A great class for women new to yoga or experienced, who want to learn how to safely strengthen abdominals, low back and pelvic floor while improving overall strength and flexibility particularly in the back. Standing poses, sun salutations and inversions will also be explored in this fun, special focus yoga class.

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