I have worked with Jason Anderson twice a week for over a year. When I began with Jason, I had significant back and leg pain. I could not move without pain. Although I was seeing a physician and physical therapist, I worried I was deteriorating further because of forced inactivity. In all honesty, I had little hope that I would ever get better. I needed someone who had the skills to help me resume my activity but not harm myself further.

The trainers I had worked with in the club, prior to my injury, referred me to Jason. They thought his special expertise would be of help. They were right! Jason’s knowledge of kinesiology and physiology enables him to identify small but important steps on the road to recovery. He understood the nature of my injury and developed a plan of exercise that maximized my ability without risking additional harm. He even took extra time to speak with my physical therapist to insure we were all on the same page. Jason has, what seems to me, a fountain of knowledge and patience in answering all my questions (and believe me, I always have many). He keeps our work sessions fun and challenging and safe.

Jason’s reliability and commitment inspires me. I know he will always be there when we have an appointment. I know he will inquire about my health if I miss an appointment. To say he goes above and beyond sounds trite but it is true. There are many examples of this. I will provide you with one. Recently, I had a series of business trips where I would be staying in various hotels and uncertain about what health facilities they would have. I also didn’t want the progress I have in the club to be lost. Without being asked, Jason wrote out a series of exercises I could do in my room without any equipment. He spent time with me during my training session, prior to my leaving, to insure I knew what to do. He even emailed me while I was gone to ask how it was going! How could you not be inspired?

I have been fortunate at the SAC to work with a number of well qualified and excellent trainers. Each brings their own skills and talents to their work. Jason has an amazing ability to understand what someone can do to strengthen and rehabilitate an injury and then move on to “normal” and become stronger and healthier. He circles around me when I work and I have no doubt that physically, intellectually, and emotionally, he has my back.

It seems as though each year, as I age, my body gives me a new challenge. I am determined to stay strong and healthy to the best of my ability. Jason is a true partner in that determination. When I am tempted to give up, he motivates me; when I push too far and endanger myself, he pulls me back; he constantly searches for new things to keep me interested and committed in exercising every day. He is truly a partner in my health and I am thankful to have him to work with.


When I joined the Seattle Athletic Club in November 2008, I was introduced to Barbara Miller for personal training. Having worked with Barbara for two years I continue to be amazed at her sensitivity to individual needs, her ability to take a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology and adapt training for the person where he or she is at that moment in time. She is a master of subtlety and nuance and knows how to encourage your growth and development, moving you forward as you are ready. It is a joy to work with her!

Cheryl Sjoblom

I've been a SAC member for over 20 years and the Club has only gotten better over time. I was never a great athlete growing up but the SAC has helped me challenge myself and develop the ability to participate in several triathlons over the years. The staff is always there to help train and support you, regardless of your skill level. The Club offers something for everyone and has become my home away from home. It's simply a great place.

Gary Trabolsi

As always, time flies. I have had nothing but great experiences at SAC. When I joined the club I was 140 pounds which isn't a lot unless you are only 5 feet tall like I am. SAC has played a big part in my current weight of 116. Although I travel a lot (almost 95% of my time) and have to endure lesser quality gyms, I always look forward to getting back home to family, friends, and SAC. Thanks to all the instructors (especially the aquatics ones) and all of the staff for presenting a quality product that makes me look forward to getting back to Seattle.

Hillary Robertson

For me exercise needs to be fun, social and easily accessible. Over my 25 years as a member of the SAC, my routine has changed greatly, from swimming and racquetball to aerobics and weights and now to spinning. Throughout it's been a vital counterbalance to a career that both very intense and completely sedentary.

J. Warren, Ph.D., psychologist

I love my coach! Adriana Brown knows how to push someone to top their personal best. She never makes us feel like we're competing with each other, only improving ourselves. And...she keeps workouts fun by changing things up. It's never boring! If you need to adjust an exercise because of a sore back or personal injury, she's all about customizing your workout so you stay active and engaged and never get hurt. I didn't think working out could be fun, but she showed me it's all about having fun and getting your body moving and active. It's fun to push my limits and try to improve.

Jennifer Blue

Barbara is excellent at analyzing one's physical condition and needs and establishing an appropriate program. She advances one consistently as needed, but never forces one beyond safe workouts for the individual's ability. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are motivating and encouraging and she gets an A-plus for patience. She believes in one even before one knows how to believe.

Kathleen Burton

Before working out with Adriana Brown, my workouts were not very effective and I found myself doing the same old thing without motivation or the results I wanted. I appreciate her remarkable ability to bring enthusiasm, energy, and experience to the every workout I've had with her. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises and goals that she helps me strive to meet. The variety of exercise and the balanced approach Adriana creates helps me to find new ways to challenge myself and keep it interesting. I appreciate the care she puts into ensuring I do things correctly to get the most out of each workout and prevent injuries. Adriana’s energy, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm make working out fun and rewarding. Thank you for pushing me to be my best self- you rock!

Lauren DeGolia

Jason Anderson has been my trainer for five years. I would have not stayed with him that long if he wasn't an awesome trainer. Jason is a true professional in what he does. His many years of experience, including some in the field of physical therapy, make me as his client feel very safe. I trust him completely with everything he wants me to do in the gym.

The workouts Jason creates for me totally changed my body. I gained muscle and lost fat, my body started to look - and become - more toned and firm. I could see results and that inspired me to keep on training.

Jason changed the way I am thinking about exercise. I learned a lot from him over the years: about my body, about the way muscles work, how important building strength and endurance are in addition to coordination and balance. Jason's workout sessions are well planned and creative, never boring or repetitive, not even after 5 years. He is demanding in a subtle way, pushes me harder than I would ever push myself, never looses his patience (yes, I can get cranky...), he is always supportive. Jason constantly motivates me to do better and designs exercises that I find challenging. I would call his training style "intuitive" in a way that can come only through experience and knowledge.

Working with a trainer is a time and financial commitment. Jason Anderson is more than worth it.

Maria Biel

“I can't say enough good things about Adriana Brown!

Adriana knows her stuff better than any other trainer I have seen or worked with before. Adriana's greatest asset is her ability to deal with each client individually. She inspires, motivates, and pushes each individual for what works best for them. She is constantly checking in to make sure that we are getting what we want at each training session.

I had plateaued in my training and in my weight until I started working out with Adriana. She listened and worked patiently with me over the past 2 years to break that plateau. Adriana not only trained me so that I could reach my goal of doing an Ironman, she was a huge motivation to get there when things got tough! ”

Mary Stenros

I had to deal with some major spinal surgery this past summer and thanks to Jacob Galloway, I was well prepared for that experience when it came to my recovery. Not only did he help me pre-surgery with my fitness level but I'm now back doing my regular workouts after just 10 weeks. Jacob's skillful knowledge and encouragement definitely put me on the right track!

Michael Bails

Working out with Barbara has been one of the best decisions I've made since moving to Seattle and joining SAC. Barbara is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive, and she has helped me work towards my fitness goals without getting hurt, which has been a problem I've had in the past. Her continuous work to keep her skills current and her curiosity about emerging approaches to fitness make working with her even more productive. I enjoy our weekly sessions and always look forward to seeing Barbara.

Stephanie Cole